Why buy or sell in January?

December 20, 2019


There are several reasons to Buy or Sell in the winter months, I have listed some of them here, if you would like to discuss these reasons in more details feel free to reach out to us, we would love to help!

Why Sell In January?
#1 – Only The Serious Buyers Are Looking Over The Winter
#2 – Fewer Winter Listings Means Less Listing Competition
#3 – January Is The Biggest Corporate Transfer Month
#4 – More Bargaining Time to Get More Money
#5 – Timing Is Everything. So Sell Now & Buy In The Spring
#6 – Buyers Time Everything Too
#7 – No Pricing Wars With Others Sellers
#8 – A Holiday Magic Feel To Your Home

Why Buy In January?
#1 – Fewer Or No Multiple Offers
#3 – Sellers Are Motivated
#4 – Better Closing Options
#5 – More Alternative Housing Options
#6 – Better Available Moving & Service Providers
#7 – Buyer Competition Lower
#8 – Having More Time